Lodge Master


Lodge Master


An elected officer, the Worshipful Master, presides over a Masonic lodge. Many objects in this image point to the subject’s role as Master of his lodge. In many jurisdictions, lodge masters wear a top hat, a symbol of their authority in the lodge. The man in this portrait holds a gavel, used to direct lodge meetings. He wears a badge of office in the shape of Masonic symbol, the square, and an apron decorated also bearing the same symbol. In Freemasonry, a square symbolizes virtue and is the emblem of the lodge master.

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Special Acquisitions Fund, 88.42.9


Samuel Broadbent (1810-1880), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


ca. 1855


Samuel Broadbent (1810-1880), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania , “Lodge Master,” Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library Online Exhibitions, accessed August 20, 2022, https://srmmlonlineexhibitions.omeka.net/items/show/1131.

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